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I have been a pupil of Noel Christopher for approximately 2 years. I think the thing that makes me different from many students that he teachers is that I started to learn to drive at the age of 55. I was very nervous and unsure if  this venture was worth pursuing at my time of life. Noel gave me every confidence. His humour, skills and professionalism. I enjoyed each lesson and new challenges as his “mature student” I would most definitely recommend him to young and not so young students.  
Thank you Noel.

Dear Noel,
Thanks you very much for your effort. How you teach me to  drive. You are such a wonderful instructor and I hope you keep up the standard and good reputation, reliable and punctual in your driving business. Keep up the good work..
Sincerely yours

Noel has good personal shills, kept calm and patient with me. I had two previous instructors who made me panic and nervous, but he didn’t. It helped that Noel didn’t mind explaining things over and over again.  Passed FIRST time.

Before:  Hi. My name is Anup and I am 22 years old practising Law. I am  an individual who has had driving experience, but I have problem...I have taken my driving test 7 times and failed each one. I have had lessons with BSM and KIMs, but I now want someone who can give me a solid guide on mastering the art of driving. .........

After:  This is a letter to let you know that I have
thoroughly  enjoyed taking my driving lesson with you. I just want to thank you for your excellent, friendly, professional approach in teaching me to drive. You have taught me not only how to me safe but also a surveyor in the jungle of driving.  Now that I have obtained my full driving licence, I will do my up-most to continue using the skills I learnt on my driving course with you.

Many thanks Noel... I cannot recommend you highly enough and will definitely let my friends and colleagues know about you, if they considering to take lesson with a view to obtain their full driving licence.

Dr Peter M Ralte B.Pharm, MBBS
I am writing with regards to Mr. Noel Christopher, my former driving instructor. Having previously been an experienced driver abroad, of some ten years or so, I found myself in the odd predicament of having to take a driving license practical exam. Merely by a stroke of luck I stumbled across Noel's address. From the first time I spoke with him I found him to be a very pleasant and accommodating man.

Noel took me on at short notice, and during my ten hours or so of lessons he was quick to point out all of my errors and bad habits. He has a keen eye for fault finding and will quickly point out mistakes that will fail you in the practical exam. Apart from the superb instruction provided by Noel, I always found him to be very flexible with regards to the timings of our lessons.

For anyone who is preparing to take the driving practical exam, I cannot recommend anyone more highly than Mr. Noel Christopher, he offers personalized training at hourly rates much below those that you would find at the larger organizations.

Thanks Noel, I wouldn't have passed without you Regards

Dr. N .Menon
Hi Noel,
Thank you Noel for your effort in helping me pass my driving test in the first attempt.
You were very kind and understanding.You were always happy to explained the mistakes in a friendly manner which helped me remain calm during the teaching sessions and the test.
You are a wonderful instructor .I wish you success in life.
Dr. N .Menon

Obaka is a mother, in a professional career and married to a vicar.

I have been a student with Noel for just over a year. He has good time keeping manners and is very professional.. He is very observant of his students skills and analysis
their skills and sense of reasoning.

When he has given you a lot of correction, he softens his tone to give you a boost in order to keep you calm.

There are times when he will give you a mock test, to see how you are progressing.

He is firm, but kind and he keeps his car clean, in fact, he will double clean his windscreen on the day of his students driving test!


Sajith is married and works with the post office

I have been learning to drive with Mr Noel Christopher and it has been a pleasure having him as a driving Instructor. His teaching consists of frank methods which
will not confuse you in anyway. Without his encouragement and his teaching skills I would have not been able to pass my driving test. I couldn’t thank him enough. I wish him all the best in the future and I class him as ‘superb instructor’.

Yours sincerely

Mr Jigar Desai

I started learning to drive with Noel as a new driver without any proior experience. Noel taught me the basics of safe driving first and then we moved on to more advanced techniques and procedures that are essential to driving. I feel that he is an excellent teacher and communicator. He has given me the skills and confidence to be a good and a safe driver. I was overjoyed to pass the test and I would certainly recommend the Pass-Plus lessons, as I found them very useful (especially night and motorway driving) and got a good discount on the insurance!

I would highly recommend Noel as a driving tutor; his experience and way of communication made me feel comfortable when I was learning. Many many thanks Noel, I've just bought my first car, I really enjoy driving!

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